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Going Missing progress shots

I started this piece with a piece of green fabric that I got in the As-Is section at IKEA. I think it was a slipcover or a large pillow or something.

I began by stamping some blue acrylic paint onto the fabric with a wooden textile stamp. Then I laid down some decorative wooden pieces and sprayed over them with some acrylic paint, using them as a mask.

Then I went over the whole thing with a wash of yellow paint (or maybe I sprayed it, I don't remember).

I transferred an all-over pattern to the fabric and hand-stitched parts of it.

Once I got the stitching the way I liked it, I stretched it over stretcher bars and went in with more paint to push back or bring forward parts of the all-over pattern. I applied the larger stencils as the very end.

I must have been listening to the soundtrack of Stranger Than Fiction when I was working on this one, because I named it Going Missing, after a Maximo Park song on the soundtrack.

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